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NovelMy Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium SeclusionMy Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion
Chapter 86 – The Ninth Summit Can’t Make It left form
“Let’s go take a look. It should be great in the future, proper?”
Not long after, Jiang Lan discovered an individual terrain.
“I observed that you’re really the only disciple from the 9th Summit?”
Now, Miao Xiu had eliminated to the 9th Summit.
With the arrangements of the Perfect Man Competition and lacking folks on the 7th and Eighth Summit, it turned out not sudden to earn every one of the obstacles approximately the 9th Summit.
It had been no wonder that more and more people didn’t can come.
Seeing that all eight summits have been conquered, only Ninth Summit continued to be.
If she didn’t view Miao Xiu reduce, she would truly feel indignant.
Ahead of making, Miao Xiu left out a expression: Incompetent ruckus.
“Yes,” Jiang Lan responded calmly.
No one could do anything concerning this.
At the edge of the Kunlun Primary Hallway, Feng Yixiao checked toward the Ninth Summit and mentioned.
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“Senior Sibling, there’s still the Ninth Summit. Are we really going there?”
Using the plans of the Perfect Human being Race and the absence of people around the Seventh and Eighth Summit, it was not unforeseen to win every one of the issues around the 9th Summit.
Extremely quickly, they arrived at the Eighth Summit. Nevertheless, if they emerged, the Eighth Summit experienced previously been defeated.
Even if he capped his farming on the realm same as hers, he was not any weaker than her.
Jing Ting also experienced that it was difficult.
The Golden Snare
It had been a small guy in white.
However, she couldn’t deny the battle. As the Jade Area G.o.ddess, rejecting the deal with might have a tremendous affect on Kunlun.
With her recent health, she got absolutely no way of winning.
But when she was defeated…
Xian Xi on the 7th Summit was left resting on the ground with weighty accidental injuries.
“That’s exactly my goal.”
The extra edge a mastered Basis Spirit cultivator got spanning a Wonderful Core was not small.
In reality, it obtained lost in a short time. It turned out probably mainly because of the pressure from your opponent’s seven successive wins.
Jing Ting basically arrived at view now.
After a limited though, Miao Xiu kept the Seventh Summit.
“This will be the 9th Summit’s Elderly Brother? Who could let me know what measure of farming he has?”
This struggle was almost a foregone verdict.
“I consider that you have no disciples on the Ninth Summit.”
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Ao Longyu did not imagine a lot of about it. Preferably, she considered the Ninth Summit.
It was especially so for many who did not have a formidable mind.

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